A Very Merry Dinner

You’ve been nominated by your school district to participate in A Very Merry Dinner, an event which provides a full holiday meal and gifts for students and their families. Log in below to register and submit your child’s wish list.

A Very Merry (Drive Through) Dinner

A Very Merry Dinner is an annual event that provides a great holiday meal and gifts for children in need in four local school districts. Families are able to pick up their complete meal and gifts in a convenient drive-through, allowing them to get home to spend more time together during the holiday season.

Tell Us Your Holiday Wishes

Every child deserves a joyous holiday season and gifts that bring a smile to their face. Whether it’s that fun new toy, the cool game that all of their friends are playing or a new coat or jacket to help keep them warm, we want to hear what’s at the top of your child’s list. Log in below to submit that list so our team can get to work finding that perfect present.

Convenient Pickup

On your district’s scheduled pickup date, come to the pickup location provided to you and your holiday meal and gifts will be delivered to your vehicle. It’s that simple. In a matter of minutes, you’ll be on your way and free to enjoy holiday time at home with your family.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to receive gifts?

Anyone that is 18 and under and lives in the household. If you have questions about eligibility, please reach out to your school contact.

What happens if I have more children than spots available on the form?

 Reach out to contact at your school and they will update your account with the number of spots you need.

What if I have a family member with dietary restrictions?

Vegetarian / no meat options are available. For other dietary restrictions and needs, please contact at your school. We will try to accommodate any special needs.

Can I make changes to my wishlist after it’s been submitted?

No. Wishlists are locked in and cannot change after they are submitted.

What if I cannot pick up my holiday meal and gifts during the predetermined pickup dates and times?

Reach out to the contact at your school and we will do our best to find an alternate time you can pick your Very Merry Dinner.

Can gifts be returned or exchanged?

Gift receipts are not provided for refunds or exchanges.

Districts We Support

We’re proud to partner with four local school districts throughout the year to provide food, personal care items and holiday gifts to students in need and their families. Barberton City Schools, Ravenna City Schools, Kent City Schools and Field Local Schools students in need – and their families – receive assistance through our outreach programs throughout the year.


Brown Middle – Margaret VanFossen

West Main – Kaylee Curtis

Willyard – Andrea Morgan

West Park – Andrea Morgan

Preschool – Beth Coleman


Stanton Middle – Sarah Carnahan

Walls – Whitney Slater

Davey – Emily Congrove

Longcoy – Vivien Ives

Holden – Hillary Nauer


All Buildings – Crystal Hickman


All Buildings – Kelly Szydlowski

Alliance City Schools

All Buildings – Beth Palmer

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